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Your pregnancy at Week 14

Highlights: #

Your Baby at Week 14 #

Say cheese!
Your baby can now use facial muscles to make grimaces and smiles.

It's a boy (or girl)!
Fully developed genitals may make their appearance, but they can still be hard to detect on an ultrasound.

Peach fuzz
Baby's head, eyebrows, and body are sprouting some fuzz. Lanugo, a downy hair coating, also covers the baby for warmth.

Your Body at Week 14 #

Welcome to the second trimester!
As you enter the second trimester, you may feel more energetic and less plagued by pregnancy woes. Your breasts may be less tender, and your uterus is rising out of the pelvic region.

Round ligament pain
As your uterus grows, round ligament pain may occur, causing sharp or dull aches in your lower abdomen. Resting in a comfortable position can help ease the strain and pain.

Staying healthy
Your immune system is suppressed during pregnancy, making you more susceptible to illnesses. Practice good hygiene, avoid sick people, and consult your practitioner if you feel unwell.

Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 14 #

Decreasing fatigue
With the placenta fully formed, you may experience a renewed sense of energy.

Continued breast growth, less tenderness
While your breasts continue to grow and change, they may feel less achy than in the first trimester.

Increasing appetite
As nausea subsides, you may rediscover your appetite. Eat regular, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day.

Varicose veins
The extra blood volume during pregnancy may lead to varicose veins. Minimize them by wearing support stockings and elevating your legs.

Stuffy nose
Increased blood flow to mucous membranes may cause a stuffy nose. Use a warm-mist humidifier to ease breathing.

An end to nausea and vomiting
Morning sickness may be coming to an end as you enter the second trimester.

Things to Take Care in Week 14 #

Keep track of skin changes
Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause moles to develop or change. Have any skin changes evaluated by your doctor.

Get moving!
Take advantage of your burst of energy in the second trimester and engage in light-to-moderate exercise. Aim for 30 minutes or more of exercise at least five days a week.

Remember to eat
If you're busy and forget to eat, set reminders to ensure regular meals and snacks throughout the day.

Skip the tattoos
Avoid getting tattoos during pregnancy to reduce the risk of infection.

Get ready to gain weight
Expect weight gain during the second trimester as your baby starts to grow. Monitor your weight within reason.

Shop smart at the grocery store
Choose fresh foods over processed ones, and consider frozen or canned fruits and vegetables if they are low in sugar and salt.

Choose pregnancy-proof workout gear
Wear loose, breathable, and stretchable workout clothes during pregnancy, and invest in a supportive sports bra.

FAQs #

Question: Can I engage in exercise during the second trimester?
Answer: Yes, light-to-moderate exercise is recommended during the second trimester. Avoid exercising on your back.

Question: What is round ligament pain?
Answer: Round ligament pain is a common pregnancy growing pain that feels like achy or sharp pains on one or both sides of the abdomen.

Question: How can I stay healthy during pregnancy?
Answer: Practice good hygiene, avoid sick people, and consult your practitioner if you feel unwell.

Question: Is weight gain normal during the second trimester?
Answer: Yes, weight gain is expected during the second trimester as your baby grows.

Question: Can I get a tattoo during pregnancy?
Answer: It is best to avoid getting tattoos during pregnancy due to the risk of infection.