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Your pregnancy at Week 15

Highlights: #

Your Baby at Week 15 #

See-through baby
Your baby's skin remains thin, and developing blood vessels are visible through it.

Baby's got back
Your little one’s skeleton is starting to ossify, meaning it's becoming more visible on an X-ray.

Falling into place
Baby's ears and eyes are continuing to migrate to their rightful spots on the face and head.

Baby is looking more like a baby
Your fetus is developing more defined features, with the ears now positioned properly on the sides of the head and the eyes moving from the side of the head to the front of the face.

Baby is practicing for the outside world
Your baby is busy practicing essential skills like breathing, sucking, and swallowing to prepare for life outside the womb. They are also active, kicking, and moving their arms and legs, though you won't feel it yet due to their small size.

Your Body at Week 15 #

The golden months
Many bothersome early pregnancy symptoms have likely disappeared, and you may feel more comfortable and mobile at this stage of your pregnancy.

Bleeding gums and dental care
Pregnancy hormones can cause red, swollen, and bleeding gums, as well as other oral changes. Good oral hygiene and regular dental care are essential to prevent complications.

Gaining weight
During the second trimester, you should start gaining weight at a steady pace to support your baby's growth and development.

Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 15 #

Heartburn and indigestion
Eating several small meals throughout the day can help prevent gastrointestinal discomfort and heartburn.

Varicose veins
Varicose veins are common during pregnancy, and elevating your legs can help reduce pressure on the veins.

Faintness or dizziness
Kneeling and bending your head forward when feeling light-headed can help prevent fainting.

Occasional headaches
Headaches can be caused by hormonal changes, fatigue, and stress. Resting in a quiet, dark room with a cool compress can provide relief.

Round ligament pain
Pain on the lower sides of your belly, called round ligament pain, is normal as your uterus and supporting ligaments stretch.

Pregnancy brain
Pregnancy can cause forgetfulness and reduced brain-cell volume. Using technology to stay organized can be helpful.

Things to Take Care in Week 15 #

Make a guess: boy or girl?
Dispelling the myth about predicting the baby's sex based on heart rate and discussing more reliable options for finding out the baby's sex.

Fit in healthy fare
Tips for fitting healthy meals and snacks into your daily routine to nourish both you and your baby.

Learn baby's fundal height
Understanding the fundal height measurement as a reflection of your baby's size and growth.

Make breakfast a priority
The importance of having breakfast even for non-morning people, with suggestions for quick and nutritious options.

Is amnio for you?
Considering amniocentesis to detect genetic conditions if you are at a high risk or if other screenings have detected abnormalities.

Snack before exercise
Having a light snack before and after exercising to replenish calories and nutrients.

Ask about aspirin
Consulting your practitioner about low-dose aspirin if you are at high risk for preeclampsia.

FAQs #

Question: Can the fetal heart rate determine the baby's sex?
Answer: No, the theory that a heart rate of fewer than 140 beats per minute means a boy and more than 140 means a girl is false. Predicting the baby's sex based on heart rate is unreliable.

Question: How can I relieve bleeding gums during pregnancy?
Answer: Good oral hygiene and regular dental care, including brushing twice a day and gentle flossing, can greatly reduce gum swelling, bleeding, and soreness.

Question: When will I start feeling the baby's movements?
Answer: At 15 weeks, your baby is moving, but since they only weigh a few ounces, you won't feel the fetal movements yet.

Question: How much weight should I gain during the second trimester?
Answer: Aim for a weekly weight gain of about 1 pound during the second trimester, but remember that it's normal for the weight gain to fluctuate.

Question: Can pregnancy brain affect memory and organization?
Answer: Yes, pregnancy brain is real, and it can affect memory and organization. Using technology like smartphones and tablets can help you stay organized and less forgetful.

Please note that this information is general and should not replace medical advice. Always consult your healthcare provider for personalized guidance during pregnancy.