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Your pregnancy at Week 9

Highlights: #

Your Baby at Week 9 #

Getting stronger
Tiny muscles are beginning to form, although you won't feel the kicks just yet.

That sweet, sweet sound
Fetal cardiac activity may be audible on a Doppler device during your doctor's appointment this week.

Hi, baby
The spinal cord "tail" at your baby's rump has almost disappeared, and your baby is looking more like a tiny human. Essential organs, such as the heart, brain, kidneys, liver, and lungs, have started developing.

Your Body at Week 9 #

Feeling so tired!
Extreme fatigue is common during the first trimester due to your body working hard to develop the placenta and increased hormone levels.

Snacking well
Even with morning sickness, focus on eating six mini-meals or snacks to satisfy nutritional needs without upsetting your stomach.

Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 9 #

Frequent urination
Double voiding when you pee can help empty your bladder completely and provide relief during the night.

Your body's increased metabolism and hormone levels may cause tiredness, so prioritize getting enough rest.

Breast tenderness and changes
Your larger breasts may be more tender. Consider wearing a cotton sports bra or using warm or cold compresses for relief.

Heartburn and indigestion
Chewing sugarless gum and eating six mini-meals can help with heartburn. Avoid lying down immediately after eating.

Bloating and gas
Opt for small meals to avoid excess gas.

Get regular exercise and talk to your practitioner about supplements that may contribute to constipation.

Things to Take Care in Week 9 #

Fight heartburn
Antacids with extra calcium can help with heartburn during pregnancy.

Ask about genetic tests
If you're 35 or older or have a family history of genetic conditions, consider discussing genetic screenings with your doctor.

Get your Zzzs
Sleeping on your side is ideal for you and your baby's health during the second and third trimesters.

Fill up on fiber
Consume fiber-rich foods to avoid constipation. Aim for 25 to 35 grams of fiber daily.

Get more mileage out of your clothes
Be creative with clothing options as your body changes. Consider using rubber bands or belly bands to extend the use of your regular clothes.

Prevent constipation
Check your supplements and exercise regularly to help with constipation.

Use cold compresses
Apply an ice pack wrapped in a towel or take a warm shower to relieve breast tenderness.