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Your pregnancy at Week 26

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Your Baby at Week 26 #

Baby's Eyes Open
Your baby's eyes are starting to open, and though the view inside the womb isn't exciting, they can now see light and shadows. The iris doesn't have much pigmentation yet, so eye color is uncertain.

Brain-Wave Activity
Your baby's brain-wave activity is increasing, enabling them to respond to noises with changes in pulse rate or movement. They're becoming more aware of their surroundings.

Size and Weight
At this point, your baby weighs around 2 pounds and measures about 14-plus inches in length. They're getting a bit cramped in the womb, but there's still room for growth.

Your Body at Week 26 #

Protruding Navel
Your uterus is about 2½ inches above your belly button, causing it to protrude. Your belly button might have turned into an outie due to the expanding uterus.

Pregnancy insomnia might be troubling you due to discomfort, bathroom trips, and other factors. Tips to help include daytime exercise, fresh air, and limiting fluids before bedtime.

Baby's Movements
Your baby's movements are becoming more coordinated as their nervous system develops. These movements can sometimes be powerful and even slightly painful as your baby grows stronger.

Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 26 #

Bloating and Gas
The expanding uterus puts pressure on the stomach and intestines, leading to bloating. Eating several small meals instead of large ones can help.

Pregnancy Brain
Temporary memory decrease is common during pregnancy. Writing things down can help you stay organized.

Loosened joints, a shifted center of gravity, and added weight can lead to increased clumsiness. Be cautious on slippery surfaces.

Some women experience more frequent migraines during pregnancy. Consider holistic therapies like acupuncture, massage, and meditation to manage them.

Blurred Vision
Pregnancy hormones can lead to decreased tear production and dry eyes. Use eye drops for relief and inform your practitioner of any serious vision issues.

Round Ligament Pain
Round ligament pain caused by the expanding uterus can be uncomfortable. Rest and gentle movement can help alleviate the pain.

Things to Take Care in Week 26 #

Limit Fluids After 6 p.m.
Cut back on evening fluids to reduce nighttime bathroom trips and improve sleep quality.

Cook Your Meat Well
Ensure meat, fish, and poultry are cooked thoroughly to avoid foodborne illnesses. Use a meat thermometer to check temperatures.

Say No to Old-School Cribs
Choose cribs that meet strict safety standards and avoid dangerous drop-side cribs.

Baby, Let's Move!
Moderate exercise during pregnancy can benefit both you and your baby. Consult your practitioner for guidance.

Wash Up
Maintain cleanliness when handling food to prevent contamination. Wash hands, utensils, and surfaces thoroughly.

Practice Good Posture
Maintain proper posture to alleviate pregnancy-related back and hip discomfort. Use support pillows and stand straight when possible.

Avoid Raw Eggs
Cook eggs thoroughly and avoid consuming raw cookie dough or cake batter.

FAQs #

Question: What's happening with the baby's eyes at week 26?
Answer: The baby's eyes are beginning to open, allowing limited vision, though the retina is still developing.

Question: How big is the baby at week 26?
Answer: The baby weighs around 2 pounds and measures about 14-plus inches in length.

Question: Why am I experiencing insomnia during pregnancy?
Answer: Pregnancy insomnia can be caused by discomfort, bathroom trips, and hormonal changes.

Question: How can I manage bloating and gas at this stage?
Answer: Eating several small meals throughout the day can help minimize bloating and gas caused by the expanding uterus.

Question: What can I do to improve my posture during pregnancy?
Answer: Aim for a straight line between your shoulders and hips when standing and consider using a support pillow when sitting.